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Extras & excursions


Our area have many worthwhile sights.

A mixture of natural and historical remains, a land of sea, the Sun and mountains, all of this together made Greece to a pleasant holiday resort.

We offer trips among other things like :

1 Thermal bath Eleftheres with his naturell warm water, which flows from the mountains, people swimm here the whole year and keep so fit and healthy.

2. "Jet-Ski" can be rent at any time from our home or can be booked togehter with your travel . Enjoy a relaxing day with our Jet Ski, along the beautiful coasts.

The Sea offers the best conditions for a jet-ski ride, because there are hardly any waves and through the varied landscape you will not regret certainly to have this trip.

3. Cave excursions

-the beautiful Cave of Allistrati is located in the vicinity of drama and is europe's largest cave with unique stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is located 75 km from Eleftehres.


-the city of Kavala is the jewel of Macedonia with many museums and the old fortress of Mohamed Ali.

5. Ancient city of Philippi

-the ancient town Philippi, Alexander the great was the father from Seat of Government with a well-preserved amphitheatre.

6 Moorbath

The Moorbath is located 25 km from Eleftheres.